H & H Jewelry


Our store has an amazing collection of engagement and wedding rings to choose from! But, if you don’t find just the right one to say “I want to spend forever with you” don’t worry, we can create a one of a kind engagement ring just for her. Don’t just ask her to marry you, show her that you want to be married forever.

How to Buy the Perfect Ring

Ladies can come in and play “dress up” on their own and add jewelry to their wish list. That way it’s easy to know exactly what she wants, but still make it a surprise. We are also experts at helping men pick out rings. Stop in and we’ll find the perfect fit for you and your special day.

Here is just a small sample of the beautiful designs we offer:

  • Silver, Gold, Diamond Ring
  • Triple-Band Diamond Ring
  • Engagement and Wedding Bands
  • Large Diamond Ring