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Diamond Certification

Take the mystery out of buying diamond jewelry. With an independent EGL Gem ID Card™ Mini Certificate, you can feel confident about your purchase. The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) is the most trusted name in gemology because it’s been the premier independent gemological authority for over 25 years.

What’s included on the Gem ID Card™?

The EGL Gem ID Card™ will confirm the particulars of the diamond you’re considering and describe all the characteristics (cut, color, clarity, carat) that make it unique. The Gem ID Card™ also states the report number and date in which it was evaluated by the European Gemological Laboratory, as well as Estimated Retail Replacement Value, as appraised by Universal Gemological Services. This independent appraisal allows for immediate insurability and peace of mind.

Which items are accompanied by a Gem ID Card™?

H & H Jewelry Design provides one free EGL Gem ID Card™ with the purchase of the following items:

  • · Diamond Stud earrings .75 carat and greater
  • · Diamond Solitaire pendants .75 carat and greater
  • · Three Stone Diamond Rings .75 carat and greater

We will be happy to have any item in our catalog certified by EGL for an additional fee of $45. We will package your jewelry and ship it insured to the European Gemological Laboratory in New York, where they will inspect the stones, issue your EGL Gem ID Card™, and ship them both back to us for final inspection. Once the piece is returned to our workshop, our Quality Assurance Team will review the jewelry and Gem ID card™ and ship them to you according to your shipping selection. This process will take approximately 2 weeks from the time your order is placed until we receive it back from EGL.

What are the benefits to having a Gem ID Card™?

The EGL Gem ID Card™ conveniently fits in your wallet, and assures you of the quality and authenticity of your diamond. As most consumers are not experts, a certificate is an objective comparison. In addition, some insurance companies may require an independent appraisal if you are planning on insuring your diamond jewelry.

Does a Gem ID Card™ increase the value of my diamond?

Certification of a diamond does not increase the value of your diamond. Certification is only a safeguard for the consumer as it is affirmation of your diamond’s authenticity and specific characteristics. Therefore, the certification in itself is a valuable document.

About the EGL

Grading diamonds is not an exact science, rather an applied science or discipline based on judgment, competence and the experience of the gemologists. First established in 1974 as one of the oldest and largest gemological institutions in the world, the European Gemological Laboratory’s mission is to take the guesswork out of buying diamonds by providing diamond grading consultations and certificates to internationally accepted standards. Their customers are professional diamond wholesalers, retailers, manufactures and craftsmen in the diamond industry. They do not sell diamonds and they are totally independent of any diamond sales organization. To maintain their reputation for accuracy and consistency, they have defined criteria and standard procedures which are adhered to by EGL laboratories around the world.

H & H Jewelry Design is proud to provide EGL Gem ID Cards™ with most finished jewelry. Please check individual product descriptions to determine whether your piece of jewelry will be accompanied by its unique Gem ID Card™.