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Third generation goldsmiths with over 80 years of experience!

Ask the Goldsmith!

H & H Jewelry Design is a third generation family owned store. Unlike many jewelry stores, we have in-house, experienced goldsmiths for all of your jewelry needs. Jannine (Harsh) Alexander (Ford Hurlbutt was her Grandfather and Keith Harsh her father) has been goldsmithing for over 28 years; her husband, Ron, has been goldsmithing for over 35 years. We specialize in jewelry repair, appraisals, and designing custom jewelry. With over 80 years of goldsmith experience combined and experience repairing jewelry for thirty-five stores, we have done it all and seen it all!

Jannine and Ron apprenticed under Keith Harsh and Ford Hurlbutt for many years before they became goldsmiths. There are few goldsmiths that have had hands-on experience while being skillfully trained and guided by two master goldsmiths. This has provided Jannine and Ron a keen insight into the art of goldsmithing.

No one can create custom jewelry like an expert goldsmith.

Additionally, goldsmiths are able to create a piece from a simple sketch or drawing. This unique service, offered by H & H Jewelry Design, gives you the ability to have it your way or tell that special person you love them more by “commissioning” a one-of-a-kind jewelry creation. Besides, who wants jewelry that everyone else has.

Our goldsmiths repair all jewelry in-house.

Not only do goldsmiths produce special pieces, they are able to perform jewelry repair and stone setting to all fine jewelry. By bringing your fine jewelry repairs to H & H Jewelry Design, you can rest assured that your special item never leaves our store and it will be repaired by a goldsmith who understands their craft.

Come into today and experience the H & H difference where we are the “Designers of Romance”.